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Porque Todas Las Quiero Cantar: Un Homenaje a la Canción Rochense


🇺🇾 Uruguay

The singer and songwriter Florencia Núñez is from Rocha, a coastal department in southeastern Uruguay. Her first compositions took place at her parents' house, in the classes she shared with the composer Enrique Cabrera, or on the shores of the ocean when she spent the summer in Costa Azul, her usual beach town. Today, she lives in Montevideo, she listens to her songs and wonders: what is the origin of all these melodies? This film is her desire to relive that music that made her grow. A tribute to the music of her department through the reinterpretation of five songs that marked her songbook. With that map in mind, Florencia goes out in search of answers in conversations with authors, interpreters or actors from the Rochense scene who were witnesses or protagonists of the construction of the local folk. A journey through the essence of a department that traces a route between melodies and landscapes, poetry and culture, and voices and roots.

Released in 2020 — 70 minutes


Documentary Music